Officer Abused Law Enforcement Resources To Cyberstalk Woman

This is an interesting story:

Shortly after the women left the store with their purchases, Zarbo texted the woman’s license plate to a dispatcher’s personal cellphone, the warrant stated. Zarbo asked the dispatcher to “run it” through the Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Teleprocessing (COLLECT) System, the warrant stated. The system allows authorities to access vehicle registration information, including the identity and date of birth of a vehicle’s owner. 

Over the radio, the dispatcher relayed the results of the COLLECT search to Zarbo, including the woman’s name and hometown, according to the warrant. Zarbo used that information to search for the woman on social media sites, the warrant stated. He followed her on Instagram and then accepted her follow request in turn, the warrant said.

The alleged misuse of the COLLECT system came to light because the wife of one of the woman’s co-workers heard the dispatcher’s response to Zarbo over the radio, the warrant stated. She then asked her husband to check in with the woman by text, according to the warrant.

The woman told DeMarco she was surprised to hear her plates had been run, but not alarmed because she figured it might have been done as a precaution against theft, the warrant stated. When she woke up from a nap later that day, Zarbo had requested to follow her on Instagram, the warrant stated.

This isn’t the first abuse of power by a law enforcement officer we’ve seen lately. Check out my other recent law enforcement articles and videos:

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