Founder Of Fake Prisoner Charity Sentenced For Stealing Over $12M In Tax Refunds Using Prisoner Identities

Let’s get another case posted that is tax related, since it’s tax season. In this case Qadir Shabazz (a/k/a Deangelo Moore, a/k/a Deangelo Muhammad), a founder of a fake prison charity called Indigent Inmate, collected thousands of prisoner identities and filed fraudulent tax returns with the stolen info:

In 2009, Qadir Shabazz started a fraudulent prison charity called Indigent Inmate. The supposed purpose of Indigent Inmate was to provide religious literature and financial assistance to prisoners serving time in state prisons around the country. Shabazz’s employees at Indigent Inmate mailed out thousands of applications for assistance to prisons around the country, and Indigent Inmate received thousands of completed applications back through the mail. Notably, the applications required the prisoners applying for assistance to provide their name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.

Various inmates testified at trial that they had sent their information to Indigent Inmate because they hoped they would get some type of assistance while they were incarcerated. One prisoner hoped Indigent Inmate would send him stamps so he could write letters to his parents while another hoped he would get religious materials. Once Shabazz was in possession of this identifying information from the prisoners, he and his co-conspirators filed thousands of fraudulent income tax returns in the names of those prisoners between 2010 and 2012. In total, the tax returns requested over $12,000,000 in fraudulent tax refunds.

Shabazz was sentenced to twenty three years and one month for 33 counts.

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