Breaking News: Officer Jones Takes His Work Home (Literally) – eCrimeBytes Nibble #18

Move over, Ocean’s Eleven.

Officer Jones (no relation) allegedly stole his internal affairs file and computer towers from his police department. He hid some of the computer at his and his in-laws’ houses.

It takes some serious guts to steal from the police department, and even more guts to stash the stolen goods in your own home and your in-laws’ place. I can only imagine the awkward family dinners when the topic of the stolen police files come up.

But hey, who can blame Officer Jones for wanting to keep his personnel and internal affairs files close to home? After all, you never know when you might need to refresh your memory on those pesky disciplinary actions about yourself.

And let’s be real, those computer towers are just taking up valuable office space. It’s better to put them to good use in your own GTA-themed gaming setup instead!

The investigation revealed Jones removed at least five computer towers from the Boonton Police Department, three of which contained police information, including files on internal affairs (IA) matters. He allegedly stole his personnel and IA files, stashing the computer towers in his Toms River home and the files at his in-laws’ home in Edison.

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