Michigan Mom Sentenced For Catfishing And Stalking Her Own Daughter And Daughter’s Boyfriend – eCrimeBytes Nibble #25

I wish this case was not a rural Michigan county. I’d love to be able to pull the electronic court documents.

Kendra Licari pled guilty to cyberstalking her own daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend.

Furthermore, Licari made it look like one of her daughter’s fellow students was behind the stalking.

And get this – she worked at the school, too.

This cyberstalking mother was sentenced 19 months to 5 years in prison, which feels like a pretty big swing (between just over 1 year to 5 years).

The judge was not happy with her and had a few interesting quotes I highlighted below:

42-year-old Kendra Licari sent hundreds of anonymous harrassing [sic] texts and social media messages to the teen couple in 2021 over the course of a year. Police say she hid her identity with fake IP addresses and attempted to make it look like the messages came from another teen who went to the same school as her daughter. Police say when the investigation began, Licari worked with them to divert attention away from herself.


[Judge] Duthie commended Licari for entering into a plea agreement so the victims wouldn’t have to go through a trial, but also noted that if convicted by a jury on the original charges, she would have served her sentences consecutively rather than at the same time.

Neither Duthie nor Barberi aired the contents of the messages in court, Duthie said the content included “obnoxious” doctored photographs and hate.

“I can’t imagine any parent saying such horrible things to her own daughter,” he said.

Barberi also weighed in, telling Duthie that a parents’ job is to care for and nurture their children and that Licari failed at that, and used her education and background to try to frame a minor for the crime.


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