YouTuber Intentionally Crashes Plane For The Likes – eCrimeBytes Nibble #34

On Nov 24, 2021 Trevor Jacob took off from an airport in California. This was no ordinary flight as Jacob claimed to have the ashes of a friend with him. Oddly, his plane had many cameras mounted inside and outside for the trip. Why? Well along the way he pretended to have an emergency and crashed his plane for YouTube likes.

Jacob originally claimed his engine lost power and it could not be restarted. Now that he pled guilty, we see this is not the case.

How did Jacob survive? Well knowing that he was going to jump from his plane he took off wearing a parachute. He did not just parachute, he filmed the jump and out of control airplane with his SELFIE STICK he happened to have with him while falling through the sky!

After landing and the plane crash, Jacob hiked to the wreckage to remove the videos he captured.

Two days later on Nov 26, 2021 Jacob notified the NTSB of the crash.

Between Nov 30, 2021 and Jan 3, 2022 the NTSB tried to discover the location of the wreckage from Jacob, but he claimed to not know where it was. This is probably because Jacob knew the NTSB would have a high probability of determining if his engine had a true malfunction before Jacob ditched.

Jacob not knowing the location of the wreckage was actually a lie, as he obviously returned to get his camera footage.

Then, on Dec 10, 2021 Jacob hired a helicopter company to air lift the wreckage to a local hangar. From there, like a goddamn aviation themed chop shop, Jacob cut up and destroyed the airplane. He then disposed of the cut pieces at different trash receptacles around the area. I wonder how he was able to throw out the engine block?

This activity is destruction of evidence, and not as good of a thing for Jacob as it probably sounded in his head originally.

On Dec 23, 2021 Jacob uploaded the video from the crash while using a wallet. The wallet was an item Jacob was paid to sponsor. He was using this plane crash video on YouTube to make money from his wallet sponsorship deal.

Now, Jacob awaits sentencing.

By the time I finished this blog article the plane crash YouTube video has gone from public to unavailable. Some of the news websites I’ve linked below have snippets of the video in their broadcasts, though.

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