Trio Sentenced For Dark Web Drugs – eCrimeBytes Nibble #55

The ages of this criminal group made me pause. Jonathan E. Williams was 39, but Joyce Oldrich was 70 years old and Linus Lee was 51 years old. All three were old enough to know better.

Lee and Oldrich were responsible for mailing the drugs, while Williams was the tech support for the dark web website marketplace.

When law enforcement served a search warrant on Lee’s home, they seized more than 5,000 tabs of LSD, and more than four kilos of MDMA. Some of the drugs were already in parcels ready for mailing.

Information on Lee’s and Oldrich’s cell phones led investigators to Williams. In various encrypted messages, Lee and Williams discussed the market price for their drugs. When Williams’ residence was searched, law enforcement found no drugs, but linked $21,000 in cash to his drug selling activity. On Williams’ phone, they found evidence of his role managing the drug business on the dark web.

Both Lee and Williams have now been sentenced to 30 months in prison with three years of supervised release to follow. Oldrich was sentenced to a time served sentence, with three years of supervised release.


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