eCrimeBytes S 1, Ep 7: Swatting Payback In Maryland

From 2017 to 2020 a group of attackers took control of several victims’ phones via SIM swapping to steal cryptocurrency and social media accounts.  It looked like they were going to get away with it until a swatting incident over a deal gone bad broke the case wide open.  Sit back and enjoy this week’s episode of eCrimeBytes.

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0:00 Intro

4:10 Case Details

7:34 Intro Music

7:56 Light It!

8:10 Updates

11:15 Tall Flamingo Strikes Again!

14:10 A Case Related Question From Andrea

15:28 Phishing and Vishing

19:26 The Attacks Begin

24:00 SIM Swapping

25:14 A Phishing Domain

26:23 A Wireless Provider was Hacked

27:53 Victim 3 Loses Cryptocurrency

28:31 Victim 4 Loses Instagram Account

29:19 Attackers Turn On Each Other

34:10 Jordan Milleson Is Swatted!

37:00 Law Enforcement Gets Involved

42:33 CoConspirator Kyell Bryan

44:58 Andrea Makes Her Return

47:13 Jordan Milleson Pleads Guilty

52:40 Kyell Bryan Pleads Guilty

54:09 Which Mobile Providers Were Hacked?

55:38 Conclusion

58:57 How To Reach Us

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