PlugwalkJoe Pleads Guilty!

Hot off the press! We will have to have an eCrimeBytes update, as we talked about Plugwalk Joe extensively in season 1, episode 5:

eCrimeBytes S 1, Ep 5: PlugwalkJoe

O’CONNOR was extradited from Spain on April 26, 2023, and pled guilty earlier today before U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff to two sets of charges: (i) conspiracy to commit computer hacking and other charges pending in the Southern District of New York relating to a fraudulent scheme perpetrated by O’CONNOR and his co-conspirators to use a cyber intrusion technique known as a SIM swap attack to steal approximately $794,000 worth of cryptocurrency from a Manhattan-based cryptocurrency company and then to launder the proceeds of the scheme (the “SDNY Case”) and (ii) a set of charges filed in the Northern District of California, and transferred to the SDNY under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 20, relating to O’Connor’s role in the July 2020 hack of Twitter, computer intrusions related to takeovers of TikTok and Snapchat user accounts, and cyberstalking two separate victims (the “NDCA Case”).

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