Deputy Arrested For Leaking Investigation On Snapchat – eCrimeBytes Nibble #27

Former deputy Giray Uzen has been charged for disclosing confidential criminal justice information when he took pictures of data about a street racing investigation and then posted it on Snapchat. This data lists suspects, criminal informants, and people working undercover.

It sounds as if the investigators tracked the picture down to a sheriff’s office computer, then matched Uzen’s login information plus had surveillance footage. After searching Uzen’s phone via a warrant, investigators found the photos in question that were posted to Snapchat.

I imagine they probably already asked Snapchat for subscriber information to the account posting the photos, or they should soon.

The sheriff says 18-year-old Giray Uzen, who has only been on the job for nine months, is accused of leaking the photos he allegedly took. The information contained what could be suspects, criminal informants and people working undercover.

The screenshot was discovered two weeks ago by detectives and showed the sensitive information. Marceno says using a date and time, they tracked down the picture to a sheriff’s office computer.

“Former deputy Uzen intentionally gave this information out to warn these groups and obstruct our investigations,” he said. “Unfortunately there are relationships outside of work that we can’t control.”

The investigation linked the photos to Uzen using surveillance video and login information, Marceno said. When they obtained a search warrant of his phone, they found the leaked photos.

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