eCrimeBytes S 1 Ep 13: Credit Fixers For Hire

From late 2009 through October 2012 credit repair companies were everywhere.  While most credit repair companies played by the rules, some did not.  This week, we will give you a story of electronic crimes that bring two credit repair businesses, two Miami-Dade police officers, and others to justice for fraudulently boosting their customers’ credit scores.  Settle back and enjoy this week’s episode of eCrimeBytes.



0:00 Case Details
5:39 Music
6:00 Annapolis Spies LARPing And Drinking Update!
10:05 PlugwalkJoe Update!
12:00 Podcast Updates!
15:00 Now On To Our Case
22:00 Meet The Perezes
33:30 Meet Mitchell Page
35:05 The Prerezes Are Sentenced
36:00 Mitchell Page Is Sentenced
36:30 Meet Police Officers Rafael Duran And George Price, And Credit Repair Businesswoman Fatima Ruiz
40:00 How Did That Happen?
49:00 Conclusions
55:00 Don’t Be A Steiner

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