How To Make Your Voice Sound Sexy Using A USB Microphone On A MacBook

This method will let you make your voice sound sexy through any application like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, StreamYard, etc.

After installing OBS, you will need to install the donationware Virtual Audio Cable application from:

If you select this virtual cable as your output, anything that uses it as input will hear your output. It’s that simple! This virtual cable will be the input to where we want our voice to sound sexy, like a Zoom conference, Webinar, etc.

Go into OBS->Settings->Audio and set your audio monitor to this virtual cable. Now any audio sources set to monitor audio will be forwarded to the virtual cable.

Now, go to your USB microphone audio source in OBS and add three filters: a compressor, a 3 band equalizer (set low frequencies to +6dB, 0dB for mid range, and high frequencies to -6db), and noise suppression. Keep the defaults if you do not know what the parameters are for. Now keep OBS open and it will turn your voice from zero to turbo sexy instantly! That’s all you need to do!

Now add your virtual microphone as your microphone to the application you need to sound sexy in!

If you want to play sounds along with your voice through the virtual microphone and still hear the sounds in your headphones, I recommend you download and install the Audio Monitor plugin from this link:

This plugin will let you attach an “Audio Monitor” filter on any audio source and point a copy of the audio to an extra device, like your headphones. You can still have this sound source set to output (to the recording) and monitor (to the virtual microphone) while sending the sound to your headphones too! It’s like magic for your sexy-ification needs.

If you are a man, you will sound like Barry White now. If you are a woman, I am sorry to inform you that you will sound like Elizabeth Holmes.

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