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  • eCrimeBytes S 1, Ep 7: Swatting Payback In Maryland

    From 2017 to 2020 a group of attackers took control of several victims’ phones via SIM swapping to steal cryptocurrency and social media accounts.  It looked like they were going to get away with it until a swatting incident over a deal gone bad broke the case wide open.  Sit…

  • Zeek’s suspend_processing Quirk With PCAPs

    In the comments of an earlier blog: … we found an interesting situation. Even when you call “suspend_processing” in zeek_init, like this: … Zeek will still process the first packet. The “new_connection” and “connection_state_remove” events will still fire for that first packet/connection. This is what the output looks like: ……

  • Officer Arrested For Hacking Into Woman’s Social Media Accounts And Posting Her Nudes

    An officer was suspended and arrested after hacking into a woman’s social media accounts, stealing her nudes, and posting them to her contacts: Officer Ayron Taylor was arrested earlier this month. Prosecutors say Taylor was charged after an Evesham Township woman told police that someone hacked her accounts and…

  • Officer Live Streams Traffic Stop On TikTok

    This is a crazy story: There were real implications of sharing the victim’s personal information via the stream: Approximately 20 minutes later, Osby found out that Castillo had livestreamed the traffic stop when Internet user “Stanley Sensational” reached out to Osby on Facebook. “Stanley” told Osby that he had…

  • Top 10 Mostly All Free And Open Source Podcast Creator Tools

    Wonder what software we use to produce Here you go. Click on the application name to go to their website. Audacity, Blender, GIMP, and Shotcut are open source. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Videos Are Up For eCrimeBytes S 1, Ep 3: Violence As a Service With “PatTheBat”

    In our podcast we discussed how PatTheBat recorded his crimes. Here are the movies:

  • Tall Flamingo Strikes Again!

    We have video and audio proof of Tall Flamingo! My sister in law “Tall Flamingo” sent this over of a recent trip to McDonald’s. If you missed episode 5 of eCrimeBytes we learned that her daughter set up her app and put her name as “Tall Flamingo”. She hasn’t figured…

  • How To Profile A Zeek Spicy Protocol Analyzer

    This is a good page over at the Zeek Spicy Wiki on how to profile protocol analyzers:

  • Zeek Spicy IPSec Protocol Analyzer Update – v0.2.17

    An update in the protocol analyzer now makes it Zeek v5.2 ready. You can view more here: You can install the latest version with the following command:

  • Two Men Charged For Breaching Federal Law Enforcement Database And Posing As Police Officers

    In pursuit of victims’ personal information, Singh and Ceraolo unlawfully used a police officer’s stolen password to access a restricted database maintained by a federal law enforcement agency that contains (among other data) detailed, nonpublic records of narcotics and currency seizures, as well as law enforcement intelligence reports. Ceraolo (with…